Commercial Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Is Complex

Because real estate is such a valuable piece of your investment portfolio, it deserves to be addressed carefully. Whether you are leasing out property you own, or leasing someone else’s property for your business, it must be evaluated carefully to ensure that you are setting yourself up to be successful. You do not need to rely only on yourself to do this: at Nahai Law Group, we are here to protect your interests as if they were our own.

Behzad Nahai founded Nahai Law Group more than a decade ago with a goal to provide highly effective, highly efficient legal representation. With more than 30 years of experience in both real estate and business law, he is uniquely able to help you navigate the world of commercial real estate and the leasing process in particular.

Ensure Your Business’ Future With An Effective Lease

Whether you are leasing out your owned property, or leasing property from someone else for your business’ use, the lease is a crucial portion of the process. Beyond business lease review, at our firm, we can negotiate on your behalf to ensure the lease has terms that are favorable to you. Examples of lease terms that we can negotiate include:

  • Cost, including any rent increases allowable
  • Duration of the lease
  • What is included in the cost. The rent can include factors such as property taxes, utilities, repairs, improvements and more.
  • Allowable uses
  • If subleasing is permitted

Mr. Nahai’s global background means that no matter who the other party is, or where they are located, we can be effective advocates and negotiators for your interests.

Offering Effective And Efficient Representation

At Nahai Law Group, we offer a pragmatic approach to legal representation, combined with decades of experience in both California real estate and business law. If you would like to benefit from our skill and experience in your commercial leasing process, contact our Los Angeles office today at 424-276-1654 and talk to a lawyer.