Protecting Your Interests, In Court If Necessary

As you manage your business, you may need to either pursue a lawsuit or respond to litigation from another party. In either case, you should not manage the process alone. An attorney with long experience in business law, real estate and litigation is the perfect choice to take on the process for you.

Bringing More Than 30 Years Of Experience To Your Case

Our founding attorney, Behzad Nahai, grew up and studied in England, becoming licensed to practice law more than 30 years ago. Since then, he has worked with business owners and managers in California and throughout the United States to protect their interests through business law, commercial real estate and more.

Often, both business law and commercial real estate require litigation, whether pursuing a case against another party or responding to one. Examples include contract litigation, employment disputes and more. Our experience in these areas, combined with a pragmatic approach, makes Nahai Law Group a perfect choice to represent your business in your litigation needs. We believe in being efficient with your time and money, a thing that is often not found in litigation. Our team wants to get your case resolved, as favorably as possible, and get you back to running your business.

Learn More About What Our Firm Can Do

At Nahai Law Group, we do things differently: working on your behalf to resolve your case as quickly and smoothly as possible, anticipating any problems that may arise. To talk to a lawyer and learn more about our approach and how we can put it to work for you, call our Los Angeles office at 424-276-1654.