Acquisitions & Sales

Serious Investment Requires Preparation

Whether you are buying or selling, real estate is among the largest investments you can make. Having a lawyer on your team can make the process much easier.

Factors To Consider In Commercial Acquisitions And Sales

Behzad Nahai founded Nahai Law Group over a decade ago, bringing together his long experience with both real estate law and business transactions. That unique mix of experience means that he, along with our team, are well-prepared to help you, whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing or selling property, including:

  • Local commercial zoning laws. If you intend to use the property as a base of operations, you should consider local laws regarding use. Because our firm is based in California, we are very familiar with the requirements for different areas and can advise you.
  • Environmental regulations. Depending on your type of business, you may be subject to certain environmental regulations.
  • Negotiation and review of contracts. Our attention to detail, combined with an analytical approach, means that we can review contracts with an eye toward future issues, rather than only reviewing looking for current conflicts. Our lawyers may be able to help you avoid future problems. Furthermore, Mr. Nahai’s experience in negotiating with other parties means that you can be sure you are getting the most favorable deal possible.
  • Title defect. A problem with the title of a property could mean delays in purchase or sale. It could also open you up to legal liability. As an experienced real estate lawyer, Mr. Nahai can help avoid those issues.

Real estate is an expensive investment, but if you prepare correctly it can reap much profit for you. Ensure that your purchase or sale is done correctly, with our help.

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Nahai Law Group is a firm that combines both real estate and business law experience, to make navigating the complex world of commercial real estate as simple as possible. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, you can talk to an attorney. Call our Los Angeles office at 424-276-1654.