Commercial & Real Estate Litigation

Shield Your Business From Unnecessary Litigation

In today’s litigious environment, conducting business can mean responding to endless unfounded lawsuits, as well as constantly wondering if litigation on your part is necessary. Sorting out what is necessary to address and what is not can be a big responsibility, especially if it will also affect your real estate holdings. Having an attorney on your side who is skilled in commercial and real estate law, as well as litigation, can be a great tool.

Types Of Commercial & Real Estate Litigation You May Encounter

Our founder Behzad Nahai has experience in real estate law, an area that often intersects with business law and litigation. In his experience, there are several types of business and real estate litigation that business owners may face, including:

  • Breach of contract. In business, you must constantly create contracts. Our team often completes contract work for my clients, part of which includes setting penalties for breaching contracts. We are experienced in pursuing charges against those who breach your contracts.
  • Partner disputes. Unless you work alone, it is very likely you will have a dispute with your business partner. We will work with the other party’s attorney to settle disagreements and help you move forward.
  • Employment issues. Whether you have employees violating their contracts, or violating the law in their dealings with your business, our experience in commercial law makes me a perfect choice to help you pursue charges.
  • Commercial real estate litigation. As you expand your real estate portfolio, you may need to pursue a case to settle issues, including zoning problems and property disputes. As experienced real estate lawyers, we can evaluate your situation and decide the correct path to move forward.

No matter your commercial business needs, our founder’s long experience in commercial law, as well as real estate law, means that we are uniquely able to take on your case and protect your interest, to court if necessary.

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